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Welcome to Meinzi Music, (pronounced 'Mind's Eye') home of
producer, songwriter & composer Mark Hughes.

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The Studio

Do you love to sing?
Do you write your own music?
Do you dream about recording your own songs?
Can you see it all clearly in your mind's eye?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are in the right place.
Welcome to Meinzi Music! (pronounced mind's eye).

Founded in 2004 by me: producer, songwriter & composer Mark Hughes, Meinzi Music was created to fill a need I felt most recording studios were failing to meet; namely, providing much-needed help to singer-songwriters trying to realise their musical vision.

I've been working in the music industry as a performing musician, songwriter, composer and producer for over 20 years,  and as such, I have a unique insight into the artistic needs of singer-songwriters and their music. I understand that it is your song, not mine, and my aim is to help you realise your unique vision for your music.

I can provide as much or as little help as you need with your music - playing guitars, keyboards, programming drums and bass, or simply recording you and helping you arrange and mix your tracks.

As a performing vocalist myself, I have also spent a lot of time in studios recording vocals for my own projects, and as such I have great insight into getting the best results possible from singers when they're tracking vocals in Meinzi Music.

I love working with singers and I think it shows in my productions. Hopefully you'll think so, too!

My Approach

I believe that recording and mixing music is similar to playing an instrument, whereby ultimately the sound you produce is a result of a combination of the ears and the hands of the person producing or playing - more so than the hardware or instrument being used.

These days just about anyone can set up a project studio in their bedroom and get good-sounding results. But what a lot of bedroom producers lack is a great set of ears and a skill-set that will enable them to produce their music to a release-quality level. These skills include musicianship, arranging, mixing and songwriting. I can help you with all of these.

Singing songs and recording music is about more than just gear and technique, though - sometimes it's really just about feeling confident and trusting the person recording you to help you sound the best you can, and this is something I always aim to provide for my clients.


I run Pro Tools 10 through a 002 rack with many different signal-processing plug-ins and sample libraries. I also use Reason 6.5. For mics, I use Audio Technica 4050's and Shure SM 57's. I also use a Summit Audio 2BA-221 pre-mic for acoustic guitars and vocals.

For monitoring I use a pair of Tannoy Actives.

The studio also houses a Fender Rhodes Mark I electric piano, a 100+ year-old upright piano, a banjo-mandolin and assorted acoustic and electric guitars and amps.

I also make great coffee!

But What Does It Mean?

Meinzi (pronounced mind's eye) means just that: the mind's eye.
Our Mind's Eye is the place where all our dreams live and our creative ideas first take shape.

It is a wide open space where every idea is free to be as big or as small, useless or sublime as it can be.

The way it's spelt here is kind of a play on words, taken from the german word, mein, meaning 'mine' and zi which stands for Zone of the Interior.
So it's My Zone of the Interior. Just another way of saying mind's eye, really.


Mark Hughes
mob: 0425 751 608