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Welcome to Meinzi Music, (pronounced 'Mind's Eye') home of
producer, songwriter & composer Mark Hughes.

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Client Projects - 2015

I'm very excited about 2015 as it promises to be a great year for the studio with lots of new releases on the cards.

Not only do I have new songs of my own on the go, I also have a couple of great artists in the studio currently working towards their own releases.

The first one of these is talented up and coming singer-songwriter, Koreen Mora.
Blessed with a beautiful voice and a soulful musical approach to go with it, Koreen's songs are beat-laden meditations on life, love and the funky terrain that lies in between.

We've had some great sessions so far, and I'm really looking forward to seeing Koreen's EP released.

Here's a taster of Koreen's forthcoming EP:

Koreen Mora - Now I'm With You

Written/Vocals by Koreen Mora
Produced by Mark Hughes at Meinzi Music

Check out Koreen Mora Music on Facebook here.

Following on from his 2014 release Homeland (recorded at Meinzi Music), singer-songwriter, author, web consultant and all-round artiste Gordon Thompson also has another project underway for 2015. As yet untitled, his new EP will be a Christmas-themed release, but with a twist.

The EP will feature a myriad of influences, some ancient, some even from the American-Indians' own traditions, to make up a unique take on the classic Christmas Album. The work continues on this project in much the same manner as it did on Homeland; using the 'Holst's Eraser' method, as much is left off each track, or erased, as is used - much like a sculptor revealing the intended form in a block of stone - leaving the listener with no audible barriers to the essence of each song's meaning.

Looking forward to seeing this one released too!

Check out Gordon's previous release, Homeland in Studio Releases, or visit Gordon's website for more info.