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Welcome to Meinzi Music, (pronounced 'Mind's Eye') home of
producer, songwriter & composer Mark Hughes.

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Homeland - Gordon Thompson

This is an album I worked on with Gordon Thompson, a talented songwriter and local author who I've known for several years now. Gordon would play me zany songs he'd written over the years which were entertaining, but I never knew he also had songs with such depth and feeling as these until we first sat down to make Homeland.

Recorded in short bursts of activity at Meinzi over a couple of years, I engineered and helped Gordon produce Homeland. I also played/programmed and generally interpreted Gordon's ideas for the keyboards on the album.
Mastering was by Martin Pullan at Edensound.

Selected tracks from Homeland:

I Have Been To The Mountain

Upon A Moonless Night

Album Personnel:

  • guitars, harmonica, voice – Gordon Thompson
  • tabla – Kate Tempany
  • bass – James Ryan
  • flute and backing vocals – Lauren Bell
  • banjo – Peter Somerville
  • backing vocals – Peter Haydon
  • keyboards and programming – Mark Hughes

Produced by Gordon Thompson and Mark Hughes.
Engineered & Mixed by Mark Hughes at Meinzi Music.
Mastered by Martin Pullan at Edensound.

Homeland was released in July 2014 and is available on iTunes.
Visit Gordon's website below for more info.

Headphone Mystery - Adrian Brooks

Written by Adrian Brooks & Simon Bruce
Produced & engineered by Mark Hughes at Meinzi Music


Here's a great song I produced for one of Melbourne's best-kept songwriting secrets: singer-songwriter Adrian Brooks.

Adrian wrote this with his songwriting buddy Simon Bruce, and sang lead & harmony vocals and played acoustic guitar on the track. I played & programmed everything else, and helped out on some harmony vocals too.

Perfect headphone listening for these balmy Melbourne afternoons, and one of my favourite songs written by Adrian. I was so happy with how this track turned out, and Adrian perhaps summed it up best, when after I asked him what he thought of the finished mix, he said it was "perfect"!